After many months of lurking, I finally worked up the courage to post a build! I present: Castle Lostfeather.
Closer to finishing my texture pack that makes Minecraft look like a drawing
I’ve been working on this texture pack for the past few months, What do you think?
Made a bit more progress on my mumbo themed pack, thoughts?
I drew my interpretation of the Ender Dragon. What do you think?

Been working on this all week! Colourful Containers GUI Resource Pack (Unfinished) What do you think?
There’s been some additions to my city…

Decided to try and make upgraded versions of Bow, Crossbow and Fishing Rod! What do you think?
Fried egg
I also, made some Mumbo themed Textures. Thoughts?
While I couldn’t have a traditional Birthday because of quarantine, my friends and I decided to do the next best thing.
My jungle house

This is a little pixel art of Minecraft if it was in the Gameboy, hope you guys like it!
A part of the city on my post-apocalyptic island map!
24 hour build – Mountainside Village
I built a Western Style house a while ago! What do you think?
My friend said, “I’m just not a builder.” I told him, “Start small and just add as you go.” Six months later, I am so proud of his progress
So I took your advice and added speakers and a microphone, the chair is now under reconstruction. Thank you for the feedback!



大人気ゲーム「マインクラフト」の画像を集めてみました!おもしろい画像からネタ画像 [続きを読む]

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