Season 2 brought in a lot of cool features, so me and my friends wanted to give it the appreciation it deserves, and we did it the only way we know how from FortNiteBR

Impossible Shot Medal, 273 Meters (Not with a Sniper Rifle) from FortNiteBR

I know this has been done before but I decided to try and animate this loading screen from FortNiteBR

Needless to say I was greeted with a very vulgar message after this. from FortNiteBR

How Amazon delivers packages from FortNiteBR

Remember.. Always look before you leap! from FortNiteBR

Lets see if you can relate to this super short montage of every time I go to the Rig from FortNiteBR

Well now thats something you don’t see every match from FortNiteBR

The cat knows who is the superior house pet from FortNiteBR

The saddest Victory Royale from FortNiteBR

Rose team leader (and I’m sure other skins) smiles when you leave a party from FortNiteBR

Probably the luckiest launch pad placement ever. My plan was to make it back to the water before storm hit since I ran out of mat’s but it didn’t work out that way. Still ended up with the W in the end! ..just not from a sky ramp. from FortNiteBR

this is not right this is not cool from FortNiteBR



大人気ゲーム「フォートナイト」の画像を集めてみました!かっこいい画像から面白い画 [続きを読む]


世界的に大人気を博しているフォートナイトのかっこいい壁紙から面白い壁紙まで、なる [続きを読む]


世界的に大人気を博しているフォートナイトのかっこいい壁紙から面白い壁紙まで、なる [続きを読む]


世界的に大人気を博しているフォートナイトのかっこいい壁紙から面白い壁紙まで、なる [続きを読む]


世界的に大人気を博しているフォートナイトのかっこいい壁紙から面白い壁紙まで、マシ [続きを読む]

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